Before starting my graduate studies in October 2014, my background was been primarily in writing and journalism. I studied English at Harvard College and wrote a creative writing thesis. Here is an excerpt of the creative non-fiction thesis I wrote about the prophetic missionaries who pray for Harvard to become religious.

At Harvard, I was a staff writer and news executive editor for The Harvard Crimson and a research assistant for The Gardner Heist. I interned at Lancaster Newspapers and at the South China Morning Post.

After college, I worked as a reporter and sub-editor at Mainland Press and The Star Canterbury, now merged as The Christchurch Star Company.

In all these positions, I was fortunate to write about a number of fascinating people and places. Here are some of the profiles and columns I enjoyed most.

As a reporter for Mainland Press in Christchurch, New Zealand, I profiled Youth Hub Barbadoes, a one-stop-shop for youth services.

When I interned at the South China Morning Post, I was assigned to find Chinese expats to interview for the weekly Long Distance Call column in the Sunday Post magazine. I had a great time talking with blogger/memoirist Huang Jiawan, authors Xu Xi and Wang Ping, and mathematician Shing-tung Yau. In showing me his corporate art, sculptor Paul-Alexandre Bourieau took me on a tour of the city. I also had an epic phone call with Louis Theroux, host of the BBC series Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends.

As a reporter for The Harvard Crimson, I had the opportunity to interview double-helix discoverer James Watson, PostSecret creator Frank Warren, and to meet Charlize Theron. But my favorite profiles I’ve done so far were about fellow students.

On Secondhand Underwear: While I was doing thesis research, I worked part-time in the Habitat for Humanity warehouse. I got lots of free stuff, and wrote this for The Crimson’s summer postcard series.

On Being Allergic to Running: I’ve always had food allergies. Then one day I had an allergic reaction to a 5K race.