Stanford University

Challenging Dichotomies in Sex and Gender in Medicine (Teaching Assistant, Fall 2018)

University of California, Los Angeles

Applied Sampling (Teaching Associate, Spring 2018)                                                        Scientific Communication (Teaching Assistant, Winter 2018)
Behavioral Epidemiology (Teaching Assistant, Spring 2017)
Introduction to Epidemiology (Teaching Assistant, Fall 2016)

Selected Student Evaluations

“I really appreciated Chelsea as a TA; she was always very approachable and available to us, and has really good knowledge of the curriculum and topics.”

“Chelsea is awesome! She made me feel really comfortable asking questions during discussion and really helped expand my understanding of the material by what she taught during discussion.”

“Chelsea has been very helpful to me. She always answers my questions using very detailed examples.”

“Chelsea always gave helpful feedback which was much appreciated.”

“Chelsea was very accessible as the TA for this course. She was always willing to adjust office hours to better meet the needs of the class. I started class a week late and she was very helpful when I needed assistance getting caught up with the course material. She seems very knowledgeable on her research specialty and she always brought that unique perspective to class.”