Works in Progress

Shover C, Abraham A, D’Aunno T, Friedmann P, Wilson D, Humphreys K. Impact of implementation of Medicaid expansion on treatment of co-morbid mental disorders in substance use treatment settings. In revision. Project registered at the Open Science Framework:

Shover C, Humphreys K. Predictors of availability of long-acting pharmacotherapy for opioid use disorder. Under review.

Shover C, DeVost M, Beymer M, Flores D, Flynn R, Gorbach P, Lyman P, Amico KR, Bolan R. Structural, dosing, and risk change factors affecting discontinuation of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in a large urban clinic. Under review.

Caputi T, Shover C, Watson R. Physical and Sexual Violence among U.S. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Questioning Adolescents, 2015-2017. Submitted.

Maitino E, Shafir S, Beymer M, Shover C, Cunningham N, Flynn R, Bolan R. Age at First HIV Test for MSM at a Community Health Clinic in Los Angeles. Submitted.

Shover C, Blodgett J, Jamison A, Finney J, Humphreys K. Impact of CONSORT guidelines on exclusion criteria in alcohol use disorder treatment. In preparation. Project registered at the Open Science Framework: